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HealthCare & Life Sciences Translation

Whether it’s translating patient information, medical documents, medical device manuals our medical translators have the experience working with healthcare terms and materials of all kinds to ensure that your multilingual needs are met in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

Mistakes in medical translation can have serious clinical consequences for patients, and negatively impact a brand’s reputations. Our translators are reliable and responsible for producing high accuracy and fit-for-purpose translation of the source text.

Our linguists are professional and experienced with medical terminology and trained on the complexities and sensitivities involved with working in a healthcare content.

For Internal Needs

  • Medical devices manuals
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Patient data/evolution
  • Brochures, medical reports
  • Academic articles, reports, seminars & conference materials
  • Medical test results
  • Vital Documents
  • Patients form
  • Medical plan

For Products & Services

  • Certificates & licenses
  • Certification exams for physician specialization
  • Product information bulletins
  • Clinical trial sheets
  • Medical equipment catalogs
  • Promotional pieces
  • Training materials for sales representatives
  • Informed consent forms