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Linguistic Consulting

Our philosophy

We offer professional advice on language and culture-related issues (e.g. words, phrases, names, visuals, etc.) throughout the localization, translation or transcreation process of a marketable product. Organizations tend to identify several target markets for a global language-based solution, but often lack the resources to ensure it is correctly localized for those markets. Effective communication is vital when addressing a global market. We always highlight the importance of termbases and glossaries. Our expert linguists ensure adherence to the style guides and consistent and correct terminology for the subject matter. We archive your Translation Memory and make sure the terminology and style is consistent throughout your content. Finding the right solution, choosing the most efficient system, employing the most adequate experts and guiding you through the complex world of research, technology and professional natural language applications is our mission. It is of paramount importance to take into consideration every country’s culture and language particularities to ensure the best communication and greatest opportunity for success in the achievement of professional objectives of any international business.

Projects with an incorrect approach can generate extra costs and damage your corporate image. At SLS we understand how important your business is. This is why we help you save time on issues that may affect your international relations.

We offer a wide variety of linguistic services and programs tailor-made for our clients:

  • We carefully study the contents of your company
  • We provide a methodology that suits your needs, or will work with you to define it (balance the concepts of quality, cost and effectiveness)
  • We create specific glossaries for your project
  • We elaborate style guides
  • We perform language audits

Benefits from linguistic consulting

Achieve Higher First Contact Resolution rates

Increase satisfaction by letting your customers speak

Grow business and prevent customer churn

Listen to the Voice of your Customers to best meet their needs