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Software & Website Localization

Reaching global users with software localization

Our software localization services include everything you need to produce localized software of the same high quality as your source materials.

We help you reach a global audience with comprehensive software localization services in many languages including translation, design, engineering and QA testing. Our comprehensive software localization service includes the formatting of numbers & dates, the adjustment of sort orders, and the adaptation of fonts and images to local norms. Should text expansion or contraction occur within the user interface (UI), our team of software localization experts will work with your design team to ensure that the final, localized UI—including buttons, menus, and dialog boxes—will be seamlessly presented to the end-user.

We guarantee that the hard work of your design team won’t be lost in translation in foreign-language versions of your software.

Websites are the business card of yesterday – We have a team of professionals and experts in adapting all the components of your global marketing strategy to the customs and expectations of your prospects in their target countries through a complex process that involves project management, file preparation and TM leverage, translation and review, quality assurance, localized website testing and terminology management.

We translate your website to the local language and also ensure that the translation is culturally suitable for your target audience, thus achieving maximum impact and brand awareness in the local market.

Our linguistic and design resources produce accurate, culturally appropriate, search engine optimized content for our customer’s multi-language websites.

Website Translations

Turning your single-language website into a multilingual project is a vital step for your company’s growth. We have the tools, the resources, and the methodologies needed to successfully localize, and adapt any online interactive content.
We are committed to our main goal: communicate the right message.

  • E-commerce websites
  • Tourism industry websites
  • Testimonials
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Product descriptions
  • Infographics

Software & Video Games

Software Localization is a 2.0 Art, involving not just the correct terminology translation, but also the correct linguistic adjustment for the market.
At SLS, we have a specialized linguists, last generation software resources, and the necessary experience to transform your needs into realities.

  • Software strings
  • Online support documents
  • Mobile apps
  • API-based text
  • User interfaces
  • Game interfaces
  • E-learning materials

Specialist, in-country linguists working primarily in the field of software localization.

Industry-standard translation memory and terminology technology for linguistic consistency and accuracy

Support for bidirectional and double-byte languages

Dedicated engineering for all types of software applications and file formats