Technical Translations

High quality translations with expert linguists

Thanks to our powerful computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, we ensure the highest accuracy and consistency of your translation. We continuously review and upgrade terminology by working with glossaries we help you create or that we elaborate ourselves -customized with your specific terminology abbreviations and acronyms.

Technical Translations

Product descriptions and manuals should be as clear and readable as possible. Our goal is a simple one: to make sure that no technical information is lost in translation.

  • Technology information: software and hardware localization
  • Summaries and pseudo-scientific papers
  • Manuals for several types of machinery, software and hardware
  • Technical diagrams
  • User manuals and instructions

E-Commerce & Marketing Translations

The decision to expand your business into a foreign market, such as Spain and Latin America, can be a challenging but attainable goal.
Our mission is to help you reach your goal by making your materials meaningful across cultural and linguistic boundaries.

From small data sheets to large sets of documentation, we take care of translating and adapting you marketing campaigns and materials in all languages.
We count with a linguistic team, that is specialized in the field of multilingual copywriting and advertising. For them, translation does not mean to mechanically replace words: it is a creative process that will ensure your campaign a successful approach to new markets.

Below, some examples of documents that we translate in this scope:

  • Integrated translation and adaptation of sales and marketing campaigns
  • Product catalogues, brochures and presentations
  • Direct mail, materials for commercial fairs and exhibitions
  • Business correspondence, export documentation, etc.